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Business Set-Up

Buying a franchise is one way to develop a small business. This is a type of business setup in which a person or entity allows you to operate under his trademark. For example, you might purchase a popular coffee franchise and use a well-established name and menu, even though you are just starting out in business. This type of setup can give you a leg up on success, as the franchisor has already established the business name and developed proven business methods.

If you are purchasing a franchise, you will gain access to the franchisor’s established operating methods in exchange for a fee. In some cases, however, the franchisee pays a percentage of his profits instead. Besides the right to use the franchisor’s business name and methods, you may also be privy to his training methods and brand-building advice, benefiting from his advertising campaigns as well. Often, small companies struggle to get off the ground, but franchise opportunities make it possible to develop a small business without starting from the ground level.

Get Help Developing a Small Business

It can be difficult to figure out how to choose the right opportunity and develop a small business. Often, entrepreneurs decide to seek the help and advice of specialists like MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network. With expert help, they can avoid common pitfalls that make developing small businesses hard.

“…With expert help, they can avoid common pitfalls that make developing small businesses hard..”

At MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network, we offer you help with everything from startup basics and marketing to leadership and brand building. Whether you hope to find a coffee opportunity, retail store or Internet-based company, our consultants can help.


Through consulting and training, Franchise Research Corp can build a custom tailored program..More

Facts & Trends

Explosive Growth

Between 2004 and 2005 over 300 new franchise concepts were launched in the US.

Expansion Opportunities

In today’s high growth franchising industry, 1 new franchise opens its doors every 8 minutes of every business day.

Business Success

The execution of business requires a strategy and top talent.