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Most business brokers provide a valuable service for franchisors by supplying potential leads for buyers. Becoming a successful franchisor, however, is more than just lead generation. Your company needs to be favorably positioned in the market to attract quality buyers and set up to provide maximum profitability for franchisees. The business brokers at Franchise Research Corp. go beyond simple lead generation. We work with your company to design and implement a sales management strategy that will attract the best franchisees and provide maximum growth for your business.

The Advantage of Quality Business Brokers

In the past, business brokers were used only sparingly by franchisors. Entrepreneurs sought franchise opportunities primarily in franchise directories, trade publications and trade shows. The advent of the internet age, however, has changed the franchising processes significantly. Today, business brokers are used by almost half of all franchisors.

“…Today, business brokers are used by almost half of all franchisors..”

Not all business brokers are the same, however. Some brokers act only as matchmakers, finding buyers and introducing them to franchisors for a commission. At Franchise Research Corp., we go beyond simple matchmaking. In addition to lead generation, we offer coaching services to help your business succeed both in the long term and the short term. Long-term success in franchising requires creating an effective strategy both for selling franchises and managing franchises. Implementing that strategy requires specially trained personnel. At Franchise Research Corp, we train and coach your in-house personnel to execute your company’s unique sales management strategy to achieve your franchise objectives. Email us at or call toll-free at (866) 993-0002 to learn more about how our business brokers can help set your business on the road to franchise success.


Through consulting and training, Franchise Research Corp can build a custom tailored program..More

Facts & Trends

Explosive Growth

Between 2004 and 2005 over 300 new franchise concepts were launched in the US.

Expansion Opportunities

In today’s high growth franchising industry, 1 new franchise opens its doors every 8 minutes of every business day.

Business Success

The execution of business requires a strategy and top talent.