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Franchises For Sale

Buying a franchise for sale may be a sound financial investment in an otherwise-unstable economy. Always try to select a business with a healthy outlook and plenty of opportunities for growth and even possible expansion. Financial advisors often recommend investing in a company that offers a needed service to society. Popular choices include restaurants, cleaning services and repair companies.

When you invest in a franchise, you get an existing business with an established image and brand recognition. The Federal Trade Commission requires companies to provide a financial disclosure document to potential investors. This document provides all kinds of insight into profit, operating costs and projected sales. Before you invest, you may want to have your lawyer read over the fine print to look for hidden costs, marketing fees and branding requirements.

“…When you invest in a franchise, you get an existing business with an established image and brand recognition..”

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Franchise

Consider the amount of free time you have to devote to running a small business before you buy a franchise. If you’ve always wanted to open a chain restaurant, you’ll need to research the area for economic trends. Densely populated areas or areas that are growing rapidly may be in need of additional services, while rural areas may not have the economic stability to support another sandwich shop.

Before you buy, take a look at your financial situation. You’ll likely need to take out a small business loan. Your credit history will come into play, and lenders may also require you to present an expected income report or other financial disclosure documents.

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Facts & Trends

Explosive Growth

Between 2004 and 2005 over 300 new franchise concepts were launched in the US.

Expansion Opportunities

In today’s high growth franchising industry, 1 new franchise opens its doors every 8 minutes of every business day.

Business Success

The execution of business requires a strategy and top talent.