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Business For Sale Lethbridge

Restaurant franchises for sale in Lethbridge run the gamut from small drive-through coffee shops and vending machine businesses to internationally known fast food chains and fine dining outlets. Initial investment costs may include training, advertising, equipment, supplies, entrance fees and royalty payments. Investing in a vending machine business runs the lower end of the investment scale, while investing in a McDonald’s store may cost well over $1 million.

Location is one of the most important things to consider when searching for a food franchise for sale . High traffic locations are always preferable. If you want to reduce startup times, it may be wise to buy into an existing store instead of building a new store in an untested market. Check out the other food service options in the area. If there are too many options, you may not be able to find a niche for your store.

Keys to Picking a Stable Restaurant Franchise for Sale

When investing in a restaurant for sale, it’s important to avoid fads whenever possible. Back in the 80s you could find a TCBY yogurt shop on every corner. Today, there’s hardly any left. Some companies manage to change with the times, but it’s almost impossible for most companies to adjust manufacturing, employee training, equipment and delivery options to serve new products or provide new services at the drop of a dime.

Be sure to request a financial disclosure document or a uniform offering circular before you sign a contract. Look for instances of high owner turnover, bankruptcies and lawsuits. These are signs of flawed management systems and failure to deliver on projected profits.

“…Be sure to request a financial disclosure document or a uniform offering circular before you sign a contract..”

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Facts & Trends

Explosive Growth

Between 2004 and 2005 over 300 new franchise concepts were launched in the US.

Expansion Opportunities

In today’s high growth franchising industry, 1 new franchise opens its doors every 8 minutes of every business day.

Business Success

The execution of business requires a strategy and top talent.