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A Subway franchise for sale may be a stable investment for people looking to break into the restaurant or fast food industry. Subway has a reputation for healthy and affordable meals, thanks in part to a spokesman named Jared who has inspired millions of people to make healthy changes in their lives.

The official franchise information page for Subwayprovides you with specifics about the application process and entrance fees. Contract sale terms vary but may require longer terms (some contracts may require up to a 20-year commitment). Before you sign anything, you need to compare a few different restaurant options in your area.

Exploring the Terms in Your Subway Franchise for Sale Contract

According to the Subway website, there are currently nearly 30,000 restaurants operating throughout the world. Many people invest in more than one restaurant for sale, which is always a good sign of stability and healthy profits. If you’re thinking about investing in this chain, it’s important to review the Financial Disclosure Document thoroughly. Be sure to locate a list of current and previous small business owners and contact a few of them. Ask the owners about the working relationship, how long it took them to open their stores and if profits met with their expectations.

“…According to the Subway website, there are currently nearly 30,000 restaurants operating throughout the world..”

Subway has been around since 1965, which helps to make it one of the most well-known restaurant brands in the world. The company offers franchisee training and startup support, including a national advertising fund, an affordable supply chain and a toll-free support line.

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