Personnel Recruitment

Franchise Research Corp specializes in training your in-house HR/personnel recruitment team on the effective recruitment practices and methodologies we have researched and developed. We are committed to helping your HR/personnel recruitment team acquire, maintain and optimize their recruitment and hiring efforts. With our structured and results driven approach to training we can help your HR/personnel recruitment team achieve your overall hiring goals on-time and on-budget.

We provide online and onsite customized private training classes in the following key areas:

  • Recruiting Strategies and Planning
  • Personnel Recruiting and Hiring Processes
  • Effective Interviewing Skills
  • Recruiting Tools
  • Hiring and Retention Metrics


By providing a full cycle of training programs, your in house HR/personnel recruitment team will increase their knowledge and enhance their ability to avoid mis-hiring and acquire top talent. Most importantly the goal of our training consultants is to fully train, mentor and encourage your HR/personnel recruitment to plan, forecast, identify and hire the right people. Overall, our training programs enable franchisors to build an in-house Recruitment Training Center that adds value to current and future employees.

The value of our expertise, proven track record, training programs and our technology have enable our clients to experience a dramatic return on investments on their ability to recruit and retain top talent, by delivering custom tailored consultation to their in-house HR/personnel recruitment team.



Through consulting and training, Franchise Research Corp can build a custom  tailored program..


Facts & Trends

Principle of Recruiting

Always make it clear that hiring top talent is not a democracy is your responsibility.



Top Talent Goals!

Hiring top talent becomes a continuous process of raising your goals.